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Upgrade your LOL experience with our updated mod skins and avatar online generator.

Welcome to LOL Skin Mod Pro. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of our website which focuses on downloadable mod skin for League of Legends heroes and an online generator for an avatar.

Founded in 2018 by, LOL Skin Pro has come a long way from its beginnings. When the founder first started out, his love for online video games drove to quit his job and enter the world of blogging.

LOL Skin Mod Pro can offer you advanced tools and updated mod skins to customize your LOL hero. We are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our own website.

Meet the Team

These are the people who share the same passion in building this website.

Dann Aiken (B.Sc & Ph. D)
Founder & Programmer

Dann is a good friend of Kurt and Charles. They met because of their hobby which is to play online video games like LOL. He is a programmer by profession but also an entrepreneur. Aside from that, he is also a volunteer teacher teaching computer applications to elementary students.


Kurt Holland (BS.IT)
Programmer and Writer

Kurt is also a programmer who loves to read and write poetry. His passion for writing led the idea of improving this website together with his friends. Sometimes he goes out travelling different places to relax and see beautiful scenery.


Charles Heavley (BS.CS)
Software Engineer

Charles studied computer science and worked in one of the biggest technology company in the past. When he stopped working, he then decided to study more about developing programs for mobile and computer. He succeeded in the career he has chosen and now living with his own family.


Advertising Policy

These advertising policies applied to all third-party advertisers. We do not tolerate any unlawful and untruthful act of promotions that will affect our credibility.

We will allow advertisers on our website as long as they meet are truthful and not deceptive. Advertising products must supports evidence. We also ask for a fair use of our website to attract consumer’s attention.

Furthermore, we do not sell any products and enclose personal details of our readers. Ads will be disregarded if unlawful acts have been made.

Makipag-ugnayan sa amin

May tanong ka ba?

Gamit ang aming form ng contact, nagawa mong maabot ang amin at ipadala ang iyong mga query at puna. Gayunpaman, hindi namin masiguro ang aming agarang tugon.

Kaya kung nais mong maabot ang aming koponan para sa isang mas mabilis na tugon, mangyaring gawin ito.

  • Kung nais mong tanungin ang tungkol sa amin o kung ano ang ginagawa namin, idirekta ang iyong email sa aming management team.
  • Para sa tulong sa paggamit ng pag-download at paggamit ng aming online generator, mensahe ang aming pangkat ng teknikal.
  • Para sa anumang hindi naaangkop na nilalaman na natagpuan mo sa aming website, tumulong sa departamento ng nilalaman.
  • Kung mayroon kang mga mungkahi sa kung paano namin mapagbuti ang aming website, ihulog ang iyong mga komento sa aming inbox.

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